Robert Gordon Clark in 'Albion'

               In November 2023 Robert played the role of Paul in Mike Bartlett's play 'Albion'                    in the Judi Dench Playhouse at The Questors Theatre, Ealing.

(Photos: Evelina Plonyté)


The cast of award-winning 'Glory of the Garden' at the Shaftesbury Fringe in July 2023
LEFT: L-R = Robert Gordon Clark, Lisa Day, Charlie Greenwood, Sara Jasmin Page, Sam Ebner-Landy
RIGHT: Lisa Day & Sara Jasmin Page watched by Charlie Greenwood

Tonight Will Be a Memory Too

A few more images from our production at The Playground Theatre, London in June 2023

 Photos: Robert Vass 

The Letter of Last Resort by David Greig

Photographers include Jane Arnold-Forster